The Arts Institute is currently preparing a show under the title “The Better Delusion of Oneself” (foreseen spring / summer 2021). Materialised as an installation of artefacts, texts and a film, the show will inquire into (and beyond) conformist and strategic interpretations of ‘the obscene’ in contemporary culture.

The show “The Better Delusion of Oneself” will be build up around a series of ‘Blood Prints’ that resulted from the performance of the artist duo Marion & Rosaly Games on 6 October 2020. Given that the Blood Prints are extremely fragile and need to be protected from light, humidity and heat, only facsimiles in various forms will figure in the future show and in additional presentations afterwards.

However, taking advantage of the winter cold and the fact that visitors will wear masks during the January 2021 edition of BORGER (an edition still streamlined by virus control measures), the Arts Institute decided to display the original prints under secure conditions for one evening only.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and pass by The AnteRoom, Kattenberg 93 Borgerhout-Antwerp, on Friday 22 January 2021 between 6 and 11pm.

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