2021-01-22 / Marion & Rosaly Games‘The Better Delusion of Oneself – Prologue (“The Blood Prints”)‘ – The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium
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(selection; the archiving and documenting of these past shows is currently in progress – info will be added soon)

2020-10-23 / Tragic Realist Fiction‘So Here We Are’ (film works) – The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium
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2019-05-17 / Anna Godzina & Domenikos de Visser‘The Runner’s Body’ – The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium

2019-01-25 / Torri Nickmans & Gaston Meskens‘Can I Use Your Space?’ – The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium

2018-05-25 / Gaston Meskens & Juliane Borths‘Elegiac Falls – The Radiobiological Human Tissue Repository’ – The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium

2016-10-19 / Gaston Meskens – Workshop ‘Melancholies of Modernity’ at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam

2016-08-20 / The 2nd World Conference on the Value of Melancholy in Times of Cheap Commitment – Antwerp Tower, Antwerp, Belgium

2016-04-29 / Kris Gevers & Gaston Meskens‘Another Day in September’, Pretoria, Antwerp, Belgium

2016-04-29 / Gaston Meskens’10 Years of Life at the Institute of Idle Curiosity for Elements of Seduction’, The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium

2016-04-04 / Screening of the film ‘A Journey into the Land of the 4th Dimension‘, Filmhuis Klappei, Antwerp, Belgium

2015-11-15 / Wataru Iwata & Gaston Meskens – PERPLEXION, Tokyo – Japan

2015-05-09 / Gaston Meskens‘The Consolatory Practice of Leaving’, THESE THINGS TAKE TIME, Ghent, Belgium

2015-01-10 / Gaston Meskens‘The Archive of Opportunities’ – The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium

2014-11-16 / Gaston Meskens, contributing to the group show ‘Hybrid Corpses and Transgressions of the Flesh’, Workplace, Antwerp, Belgium

2014-09-19 / Gaston Meskens & Sarah de Graeve – ‘The Consolatory Practice of Leaving’ – The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium

2014-09-07 / The AnteRoom as part of the NICC Open Studios, Antwerp, Belgium

2014-05-02 / Gaston Meskens‘Pathologies of Rational Choice Theory’ – The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium

2014-04-17 / Gaston Meskens, Sarah De Graeve & Mauro Pawlowski – Preview of the film ‘A Journey into the Land of the 4th Dimension’, The AnteRoom, Antwerp, Belgium