The Arts Institute presents

Tim Boers
– the colony that wasn’t

The former Belgian colony of Santo Tomás de Castilla was one of many similar failed experiments across the new world. Even then, it stands out for its remarkable lack of planning. A swathe of abundant inhabited land, seen as little more than a blank canvas upon which to project dreams of power, tropical paradise and progress.

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opening Friday 27 January 2023
6 – 11pm

+ 28 & 29 January, 2 – 6pm
& by appointment

The Arts Institute
Kattenberg 93 BoHo Antwerp

part of the
BORGER Art Nocturnes

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background info

“… The colonial thrust into Santo Tomas, Guatemala during 1840-1855 is perhaps the best known because of its utter failure. It is estimated that between 1843 and 1850 perhaps two thousand “colonists” migrated to Santo Tomas upon representations that were at best incorrect and at worst fraudulent. Many died, most within a year of arrival. …”

Quote from Early Belgian Colonial Efforts: the Long and Fateful Shadow of Leopold I
Robert Raymond Ansiaux, University of Texas in Maryland, 2006
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