Tragic Realist Fiction – The Things We Do For Real

Opening 9 June 2023
6 – 11pm

part of the BORGER art nocturnes

Also on view on
Saturday 10 June 2023
2 – 6pm
and by appointment

The Arts Institute
Kattenberg 93, 2140 Borgerhout

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The video installation is set up around the song ‘Walk On Common Grounds’. The song is an ode to those peripheral places that cannot be hijacked for strategies of identity, inclusion and exclusion. We are only our real selves and only meet other real selves meandering through the places ‘at the periphery of social cohesion’: the hotel room, the lobby, the bar, the terrace, the passage, the park, the esplanade, the station, the stairwell, the corridor, the patio, the anteroom, the street, the square …, always remembering that these places are the modern human manufactured versions of nature, which remains the essential and original periphery for mankind.